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This Privacy Policy describes how The Mark B.V. (we, our, us) collects, uses, and shares (hereinafter: processes your personal data. 

We are the owner of the website for Restaurant De Mark (hereinafter referred to as the Website). We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and online users such as website visitors and job applicants (you, your). For this reason, we consider the protection of your personal data of fundamental importance. In this Privacy Policy we describe how we deal with the personal data that we process via our Website managed by us and the products (the Products) and services (the Services) offered thereon. This Privacy Policy applies to your use of our Website, the Products and Services offered thereon and should be read together with our Cookie Policy Cookie Policy If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or our Cookie Policy, please contact us at

All personal data processed by us is in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (GDPR).


We are the controller of the processed personal data within the meaning of article 4 (7) and article 24 of the GDPR. We are located at Durgerdammerdijk 73, 1026 CB Amsterdam and are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with registration number 81941765.

The Personal Data we Process

We process personal data from customers and online users. This includes personal data that is collected from placing bookings through our booking platform, subscribing to our newsletter, responding to job vacancies and/or receiving information from us through either the form on our Website or by email with your request for information. 

In that context, we may collect your personal data such as your name, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, gender, nationality and payment information. If necessary for providing our Products or Services, we may request personal data in relation to your health, such as for providing access for disabled people or for accommodating your dietary requirements. We will only process such information if you will consent to this. Furthermore, upon arrival at our hotel, we are legally obliged to verify your identity when you will be staying at our hotel. We will however never make a copy of your identification documents. 

Furthermore, we analyse your website usage to improve functionalities of our Website and Products and Services. For this purpose, we use Google Analytics. For more information, we refer to the privacy policy of Google. When placing a booking through our website, we will keep your personal data collected for analytics purposes. This personal data may eventually also be used for improving and personalising the content of our newsletter. 

We may combine the information above with other information we have collected about you both online and in person.

Purposes and Processing Grounds

We process your personal data, for the following purposes and we have also indicated the relevant ground for processing:

  1. to fulfil our obligations to provide you with our Services and Products or other requests you may make (based on contract according to art. 6(1)(b) GDPR);
  2. to contact you to answer your questions, and provide requested information (based on consent, contract and legitimate interest according to art. 6(1)(a), (b) or (f) GDPR);
  3. to secure your booking information (based on contract according to art. 6(1)(b) GDPR);
  4. to secure our business goals (based on legitimate interest according to art. 6(1)(f) GDPR);
  5. for analysis of personal data (e.g. booking history, address and/or city, language) to provide personalised Products and Services (based on consent or legitimate interest according to art. 6(1)(a) or (f) GDPR):
  6. to send you our newsletter with offers and information about Products and Services. Please note that you can always object to such use, via the ‘unsubscribe’ link in our email newsletters (based on consent according to art. 6(1)(a) GDPR);
  7. to comply with various legal obligations (based on compliance with a legal obligation according to art. 6(1)(c) GDPR); 
  8. if you respond to or participate in a survey, contest, event, or a marketing communication in order to inform you about our activities, campaigns, events and other marketing initiatives (based on consent, contract or legitimate interest according to art. 6(1)(a), (b) or (f) GDPR); and
  9. to process your job application (based on consent, contract or legitimate according to art. 6(1)(a), (b) or (f) GDPR .


We shall process the personal data for a period as long as legally required or necessary and allowed for the purpose(s) for which it was obtained. Immediately after these periods we will destroy the personal data and/or anonymise it.

The criteria used to determine our retention periods include, but may not be limited to: 

  • the duration of our ongoing relationship with you and the Products and Services we offer you; 
  • whether or not we are subject to any legal obligation(s); and 
  • any other legal necessity (such as applicable limitation period(s), litigation, or internal or external investigations).

Furthermore, we may process the personal data for a longer period:

  • when you apply with us for a job and we ask you if we can retain your data for another one (1) year period, 
  • in order to comply with statutory retention periods (such as those required by tax legislation), or 
  • in order to prove compliance with applicable statutory obligations (such as the GDPR or email marketing legislation).

If you request deletion of your personal data by contacting us, all of your personal data collected by us shall be deleted, unless we are obligated to retain such information, whether by law, to provide the Products and Services for which the information was processed, or for internal use.

Sharing Personal Data

We will only make personal data available to third parties that are involved in providing our Website and the execution of our Products and Services. These third parties process personal data according to our instructions and any such use shall be our full responsibility. We do not pass on your personal data to other third parties without your explicit permission, unless we are legally obliged to do so, or in case of a business transaction, such as (but not limited to) a transfer of shares, merger or consolidation with another entity or transfer of business assets.

We will not transfer your personal data outside of the European Economic Area. 

Your Rights

Under the GDPR, you have several rights with regard to the personal data we process from you. These rights are listed below.

  • The right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not we process your personal data;
  • The right to request access, receive, transfer, rectify, erase or withdraw your consent for processing personal data in cases where our processing is based on consent;
  • The right to (temporarily) object to our processing of your personal data.

If you wish to exercise one of the above rights, please contact us at If you want to file a complaint with respect to our processing of personal data, you can file your complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so we recommend to check it each time you subit personal information to us. The date of the most recent update is April 10 2024.

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