Get to know our Chef

Presiding over the kitchen at De Mark, meet Head Chef Koen Marees. A familiar face from the Amsterdam culinary scene, Koen honed his craft at high-end establishment Le Garage, fine dining Vinkeles at The Dylan, (which acquired a Michelin-star during his time,) and two-Michelin star restaurant De Vrienden van Jacob in Santpoort. Today, Marees is known for his astonishing handling of humble ingredients, destined to surprise in their elegance and intensity of flavour and his honest, impactful approach to versatile vegetable-forward creations. With a sociable personality, Marees fits right into the atmosphere of De Mark, where he enjoys blurring the chef/guest divide, interacting with diners who in turn love to see his passion, curiosity and creativity come to life. A meal from Koen Marees won’t be forgotten.